Editorial Policy


At The Thursday Times, we believe that it is our responsibility to report the news accurately and fairly, and to serve the needs and interests of our community. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism, and to being a trusted source of information for our readers. In order to achieve this, we have developed an editorial policy that sets out the principles that guide our reporting and editorial decision-making. Our editorial policy is designed to ensure that we maintain our credibility and integrity, and that we contribute to the public discourse in a responsible and meaningful way.


We strive to report the facts accurately and thoroughly. If we make a mistake, we will issue a correction.


We aim to present all sides of an issue, and to give equal weight to opposing viewpoints. We will not allow personal or political biases to influence our reporting.


We recognize that our words have the power to shape public opinion and to influence public policy. We will use this power responsibly, and we will strive to present a balanced and nuanced view of the issues we cover.


We are committed to editorial independence and will not allow outside interests to influence our reporting.


We will be transparent about our editorial processes and decision-making, and we will disclose any conflicts of interest.


We value diversity and will strive to represent a wide range of perspectives in our reporting.


We are committed to serving the needs and interests of our community, and we will strive to be a vital source of news and information for our readers.

If you find that any of our contributions, editorials, reports, or columns violate this policy, please let us know at pr@thursdaytimes.com.