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Looking to write for The Thursday Times? We regularly accept submissions and commentaries for our op-ed section in the fields of politics, health, technology, finance, history, and academia.

To contribute to The Thursday Times, email our resident Submissions Team at views@thursdaytimes.com.


At The Thursday Times, we welcome original commentaries and features that are relevant to current events, well-supported with evidence and thoughtfully written. If you are presenting data, it is important to include references and use hyperlinks to support your claims. We do not accept submissions that are written in an academic style, so please incorporate any additional information into the text or use hyperlinks instead of footnotes or endnotes. In order to ensure the credibility and rigor of featured content, it is incumbent upon writers to thoroughly ground their assertions in empirical research and/or primary data obtained through interviews. The reliance on desk-based reviews, while potentially convenient, is insufficient in achieving the level of depth and nuance necessary to advance the discourse on a given topic.


Submissions are accepted in both the English and Urdu languages.

Your submission must be included as an attachment to your email in any of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pages, .odf, or .pdf.

Submissions must be of at least 800 words in length. In addition to this, they must be concise and coherent, and paragraphed as appropriate. Views standing outside the box are most likely to be published on The Thursday Times. The content/topic of discussion of the op-ed must be of an engaging nature.

Please include a reference image for your op-ed in your email.

Submissions will only be accepted if they are original to The Thursday Times and are unpublished in any other medium. This includes personal blogs, Facebook posts, and other newspapers. Our Submissions Team will cross-check your submission to ensure that it is original in its nature. If your op-ed is found to have been previously submitted to another site, or that you have submitted the same op-ed to other websites in order to have it published concurrently, your submission will not be published.


Writers must be of a veritable background, with some experience in what they are discussing, or sufficient knowledge of such.

Upon submitting your op-ed, please provide a short biography about yourself (detailing your educational background and/or work experience), your Twitter handle (if available), and a headshot of yourself for our perusal.


Please note that it may take up to a week, or in some cases ten days, in order for us to respond to your email. If you do not receive a response from us within two weeks of sending your email, you are welcome to submit your article elsewhere.