About Us

The Thursday Times is a bilingual daily newspaper that was founded in 2020 as a start-up.

Known for its coverage of national and international news, as well as its focus on political and social issues, The Thursday Times has a reputation providing a platform for a variety of voices and perspectives, effectively enabling the power of the pen to fight for the people. It is a newspaper for the 21st-century Pakistani: the digital nomad. We have a reputation for presenting balanced and well-researched articles, and for being an important source of information and analysis for our readers.

At The Thursday Times, we are committed to bringing you in-depth and informative coverage of stories that may oft be overlooked by mainstream media outlets. Our team of writers, which includes seasoned past and present journalists, ministers, politicians, and diplomats, offer a wide range of perspectives on global issues. Investigative journalism is vital to what The Thursday Times strives to accomplish in informing the public.

With our award-winning team of writers, journalists, and investigative reporters, The Thursday Times delivers unparalleled depth, accuracy, and captivating storytelling that keeps readers informed and engaged. Looking to write for us?