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Ammar Masood

Ammar Masood is a prominent political analyst and media consultant. He is a former director at 92 News, a former program director at Dunya TV and a former director at PTV. He currently writes for Jang and enjoys writing short stories.

کیا کسی کو پھر کسی کا امتحاں مقصود ہے؟

Ammar Masood gives details on the latest events taking place in Afghanistan.

چیف جسٹس صاحب – صابر محمود ہاشمی کو جشن آزادی منانے کی اجازت دی جائے

On August 14th, Ammar Masood discusses how certain folk can be left to fend for themselves on Independence Day.

سیاسی جمود سے سیاسی جدوجہد تک

Leaders have fallen prey to their own rhetoric. What solution does world history suggest in such difficult places? Ammar Masood writes.

جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی کے نام ایک خط

Ammar Masood writes an open letter to Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

اسلام آباد کو شناخت مل گئی

Ammar Masood discusses the recent multitude of assassinations of prominent Pakistani journalists.

نواز شریف کی سیاست ۔ پانامہ کے بعد

Ammar Masood details Nawaz Sharif's politics after the Panama Papers scandal.

ابصار عالم ہوش میں نہیں

Prominent Pakistani journalist has been shot after criticising the military — Ammar Masood details the aftermath of such an event.

ڈسکہ الیکشن کے بارہ نتائج

Ammar Masood details the Daska election results.

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