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Raza Butt

Raza is the Editor of The Thursday Times and hosts 'Simple Talk', a monthly talkshow viewable at youtube.com/SocialDigitally. A digital marketer and university lecturer by profession, he has become well-known in the Pakistani political space for his groundbreaking, up-to-date news coverage of ongoing political affairs throughout the country. A political activist working for a more pro-democratic society, Raza can be reached through his Twitter, @SocialDigitally.

انتخابات 2023 کیا ن لیگ تیار ہے؟

Is the PML(N) ready for the 2023 elections?

ہماری اپنی نرالی ترجیحات

Incompetent regimes do not care about important matters, but instead choose to focus on pettier issues.

آزاد کشمیر کونئی نکور تبدیلی مبارک ہو

Views post the recent Kashmir elections.

The Superstar Playboy Politicians

Paparazzi, bountiful losses, and military rule—this is the story of playboy superstars becoming career politicians.

PM Khan Is a Predator of Press Freedom: RSF

The RSF has published their "press freedom predators" gallery, and PM Khan has made the list.

مبارک ہو پاکستانیو

Power outages are striking Pakistanis down more than ever before. Who is to blame for this?

To Save Face, Khan Mortgages Pakistan

Fawad Chaudhry has announced that Pakistan will be taking loans by mortgaging airports and roadways throughout Pakistan.

PM Khan Victim Blames, Ignores Uyghurs in New Axios Interview

Time and time again, PM Khan has continued to be a problem in the fight for everything the #MeToo movement stands for.

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