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Stimulus Packages and Debt Crisis May Bring Recession According To World Bank

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Saad Ullah Butt is an engineer with an MBA and a passion for standardisation and innovative technology, quality systems and crypto have been a natural attraction to Saad. He carries more than a decade of experience in developing and handling QA, HR and HSE management systems for FMCG companies. Saad loves to spend time reading a good book or playing with his fish. He can be contacted at saadullahbutt@gmail.com

Governments spending and stimulus packages to boost economies in 2020 may have prevented the looming recession around the world, but according to World Bank’s latest report, this is only going to fuel the crisis.

Debt Outpacing GDP

Gross Domestic Product, a tool for measuring the complete market value of a country is expected to increase by 4% globally this year. The figures by World Bank have made many countries and governments breathe a sigh of relief as this is almost the same amount as the GDP downfall in 2020 (4.3%), that had pushed people around the world below the line of poverty and had basically grounded industries to a halt.

Even with the positive news, the experts at the institute are worried as the global debt level has seen a near vertical rise, with touching nearly 99% of the GDP last year. This means that all economic growth has practically been wiped out. Some countries have done a lot worse, with United States witnessing a worrying 130% surge.

Inflation Stimulated

One of the main drivers for the increased debt has been the skyrocketing inflation. Even in countries that have a very strong financial standing, they have had to resort to steps to protect their citizens, resulting in injecting money in the economy that basically didn’t exist. United States leads the pack, with the Relief Package now touching $1.4 trillion Dollars, money that has been pumped in 2020 alone.

Developing nations have had to face most of the brunt though, with countries like Zambia and Chad on the highest priority according to World Bank. David Malpass, the President of World Bank has these nations with facing a crisis like Venezuela. The South American nation was facing hyperinflation for years, with energy and food shortages becoming critical.

World Bank has also pointed out that with the current scenario, nearly a third of nations with emerging markets have probably lost around a decade’s worth of gains in one year alone. With markets stabilizing, this will create further pressure on the countries as wealthier nations will start to raise interest rates, bogging down the already battered economies.

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