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Saad Ullah Butt

An engineer with an MBA and a passion for standardization and innovative technology, quality systems and crypto have been a natural attraction to Saad. He carries more than a decade of experience in developing and handling QA, HR and HSE management systems for FMCG companies. Saad loves to spend time reading a good book or playing with his fish. You can contact him through saadullahbutt@gmail.com

Pakistani Banks Now Charging for ATM Receipts

In a recent unexpected move, several Pakistani banks have started charging for ATM receipts. But what does this mean for consumers?

Back on Climate Track: Biden To Replace Federal Fleet With EVs

Joe Biden is bringing the U.S. back to its commitment of playing a key role in the fight against climate change, replacing a federal fleet of vehicles from gas guzzlers to EVs.

China Leads Globally With 2.3% Economy Growth in 2020

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, China's economy has stood firm as the only nation to show growth in 2020.

Stimulus Packages and Debt Crisis May Bring Recession According To World Bank

The World Bank's latest report details imminent recession, brought upon by various stimulus packages and relief bills by global governments.

Trump Signs “Disgraced” COVID-19 Relief Bill, Injecting $900B More Into U.S. Economy

In a surprise move, President Trump has signed a relief bill to help people left unemployed by the pandemic, less than a week after refusing to sign it.

What Is Bitcoin and Why Is Everyone So Crazy About It?

Bitcoin is again in the news, making waves as it just created a new all-time high of approximately $25,000 US this month. Everyone seems to be...

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