Last month, the U.S. Department of National Intelligence published its Global Trends 2040 report, which details the state of the world and its economic affairs every five years. Within the report, South Asia was a highlight, as well as its consistent battles against the ongoing war of climate change.

“The region is experiencing the effects of severe environmental degradation,” confirms the report. A change in rainfall patterns, persistent and ever-increasing temperatures, the salinisation of river deltas, desertification and erosion were factors to blame. These factors are sure to overwhelm any major city, where an influx of water insecurity and unsustainable settlements are making thousands vulnerable.

The report cites the United Nations’ Development Program for details as to what Pakistan could face in the next few years as a result of climate change. By 2025, Pakistan “could face absolute water scarcity,” due to water conservation practices, decreased rainfall and regularly increasing temperatures, year-on-year. 

The report can be read in full here.


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