All advertising placements on The Thursday Times follow procedures set in compliance with the US-based Interactive Advertising Bureau to comply with North American standards. These procedures are reflected across the board to respective audience requirements for those located in the EEA, the UK, Asia, and Oceania.

To advertise with The Thursday Times, contact our in-house Advertising and Marketing Team at


All rates in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) on a weekly basis (7 days). All given dimensions are in pixels (px).

TOP OF HOMEPAGE (SMALL) — 728×90 or 728×270 — Rs. 15,000

TOP OF HOMEPAGE (LARGE) — 1456×180 or 1456×270 — Rs. 18,000

TOP OF COLUMNS/NEWS — 728×90 or 728×270 — Rs. 20,000


END OF COLUMNS/NEWS — 728×90 or 728×270 — Rs. 12,000

BELOW THE FOLD (LARGE) — 318×468 — Rs. 12,000

BELOW THE FOLD (SMALL) — 728×90 — Rs. 10,000


The Thursday Times is a novel media firm for a 21st-century Pakistani audience which publishes content in both English and Urdu. We occasionally publish content in regional Pakistani languages, such as Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, and Punjabi. While the site caters to the conventional Pakistani, this does not exclude Overseas Pakistanis. We attract a non-exhaustive reader-base from more than fifty countries worldwide; besides Pakistan, these include, but are not limited to, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, France, Singapore, Oman, the Netherlands, India, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, Hong Kong, and many more.

The Thursday Times, founded in 2020, is actively growing at a rapidly exponential pace. Our engaged user-base consists of a mixture of wealthy business-oriented individuals, as well as those in working-class professions. In a little over two years, we have expanded our reader-base to attract an average of 20,000 unique and returning users per month. In FY 2022, this figure stood at 250,000.

We are able to target users based on specific criteria, such as age, gender, location, and more.


For customised advertising requests, please contact to assess how our Advertising and Marketing Team can advertise your business in a unique means on The Thursday Times with a tailored package to suit your company’s needs.


Advertising spots are typically received as any one of three types:

  1. As an image (.png, .jpeg, .gif, etc.)
  2. As a video (.mp4, .avi, etc.) — up to a max. of 30 seconds (for longer lengths, please contact
  3. As an embedded IFRAME

These spots are collectively categorised as rich-media content.


Advertisements which are placed on The Thursday Times must be distinguishable from editorial content in order to protect journalistic integrity.

Advertisements must be:

  • of high-definition in quality
  • of a solid standard
  • legible for English or Urdu-speaking audiences
  • appropriate for viewing by all ages
  • non-offensive in nature


The Thursday Times accepts no responsibility for content advertised on The Thursday Times. We reserve the right to take down an advertisement at any time, at our discretion, without notifying the end user or the advertiser. You are not entitled to money-back if this is to occur. This does not affect your statutory rights.


To launch your advertising campaign with The Thursday Times, contact our in-house Advertising and Marketing Team at