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Maryam Nawaz, a catalyst for the PML(N)’s revitalisation

Maryam Nawaz ignites PML(N)’s resurgence, championing progressive reforms and female empowerment, poised to redefine Pakistan’s politics in her electrifying electoral debut.

The PTI’s social media strategies continue to leave other parties in the dust

Imran Khan's PTI continue to lead the way in Pakistan's digital political landscape, leveraging innovative social media strategies and AI technology as the 2024 Pakistani General Elections approach.

تھرسڈے ٹائمز اردو ریویو؛ ”جہاں افیون اُگتی ہے“ عمران خان کی زندگی کے حیرت انگیز رازوں سے پردہ اٹھاتی کتاب

تھرسڈے ٹائمز اردو ریویو؛ ہاجرہ خان کی کتاب "جہاں افیون اُگتی ہے" عمران خان کی زندگی کے حیرت انگیز رازوں بشمول منشیات کے استعمال، پلے بوائے طرزِ زندگی اور جنونی تصورات سے پردہ اٹھاتی ہے۔

Unfulfilled promises and ineffective diplomacy at the OIC

The OIC assembly at Riyadh, marred by internal disagreements, echoed strong condemnations of Israel's actions in Gaza but stopped short of forging a united and actionable response.

Overarching hypocrisy at the United Nations

Conflicting interests at the United Nations on the conflict in Gaza leave groups of countries showcasing their leagues' internally backfiring discourse on the global arena.